Skeem Saam this August: Principal Thobakgale is out, Melita is back and Clement gets a taste of fame

It’s going down in August in Turfloop, and big changes will turn some lives upside down.

Let’s start with Principal Thobakgale.

As we all know, Jacobeth is up for a Disciplinary Hearing for all the atrocities her staff members are accusing her of.

On Monday night, two of her biggest arch rivals made a come-back after they were both incapacitated. They both blame the Principal, but Magongwa was blinded by an allergy reaction from a dye poured into the water the students splashed with him.

According to new information from the Teasers, Magongwa will waste no time building the forces against Jacobeth, and a strike will be looking by Friday against her.

Skeem Saam ‘Principal’ Thobakgale
Skeem Saam ‘Principal’ Thobakgale: Image source @Instagram

Evelyn will take a stand at the principal’s DC, and her testimony is going to destroy Thobagale, and by next week Friday, it will all be over. The teasers mention that there will be jubilation at Turf high, and we all know that Turf High would not celebrate Jacobeth returning as the principal.

Anyway, it looks like Jacobeth will be demoted into being a teacher.
Though, things will start unravelling for Manaka, Magongwa and Evelyn, who are now running after Jacobeth’s post of Truth High principal.

The return of Melita

Melita left fans of the show in limbo when she just decided to go away after her incredible near-death experience when she got shot.

As we all know, Celia also left us limbo after Mr Kgomo pulled his Mafia moves on her, so the receptionist post at Turf hospital has been vacant for weeks.

Melita wants to share her side of the story with the enemy.
Melita is back! Image: Twitter/Skeem Saam

The time to fill it had come, and guess what? Melita is coming after this post. If you don’t remember, Meikie is doing her community service at Turf High, which means trouble is coming.
Is she going to take the post? Because, according to the teasers, the Post will be filled by an unexpected candidate, could it be Meikie?

Clement gets hooked on social media.

All of us know how obsessed Clemy is with his phone, right? The phone is about to possess him big time. He starts getting famous on social media, and his attention leads to strange happenings.

First of all, Clemy is going to find love with Oritonda, and Ori buys Clemy a new phone when Clemy loses his mind from the phone getting lost.

He gets used to getting followers, which starts to affect his behaviour and relationship with Ori. Clement will eventually tell his story on social media about the dangers of being obsessed with social media.

These are just the highlights; get detailed reports on Skeem Saam as we bring them daily.

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