On Skeen Saam: Magongwa’s hostile takeover begins at Turfloop High, as Principal Thobakgale’s contract is terminated

On Friday, the whole nation was shocked when the decision to dismiss Principal Thobakgale was made, but no one celebrated principal Thobakgale’s termination like Alfred Magongwa.

Today the former Principal came to clean out her desk, and things got seriously tense when she was saying her farewell, but this story is not about her; it’s about Alfred’s reign of terror at Turf High.

The day started normal, with Alfred being his usual annoying self. Manaka found him sitting in the principal’s chair. When Manana objected because Alfred hadn’t received the clearance to start working since his accident, Magongwa went to the hospital to ask the doctors to clear him.

This is where Alfred showed us the stuff he is made of. Firstly he could get the letter to start working from Dr Hlongwane because he is not well yet, so Alfred took it to the high office of Mr Kgomo.

Principal makes a decision concerning her future at Turf High.
The principal makes a decision concerning her future at Turf High. Image: Twitter/Skeem Saam

Mr Kgomo wasn’t ready for the storm that befell him when he chose not to help Magongwa with his letter.
Kgomo felt that Magongwa should just let Manaka take the principal’s chair, which turned Alfred into a nasty beast.

Alfred reminded Kgomo that he got blind because of Paxton and that he could have opened a case against him when Kgomo tried to resist. Alfred used the Celia card on him. To cut a long story short, he returned to Turf high with the letter declaring him fit to work.

Celia finds herself in a difficult position with Mr. Kgomo.
Celia finds herself in a difficult position with Mr. Kgomo. Image: Twitter/Skeem Saam

The storm raged on hard from there. Alfred walked into the office and found Jacobeth saying her goodbyes and told her to leave His school, and then he let the teachers have it.

There is a new Sheriff in town.

The teachers were shocked when Magongwa let them know that life as they knew it had ended.

Alfred walked into the office full of teachers, threw the clearance letter at Manaka, and told him to pack his boxes out of the principal’s office because he was taking over.

emviewers think the downfall of Turf High has begun. Principal Thobakgale had produced stellar students, and the viewers think those days are long gone.

Viewers of the show are disappointed with the writers for giving Magongwa so much power because he is more villainous than Thobakgale.

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