Skeem Saam’s viewers bow down to Principal Thobakgale for coming back to Turfloop High as a teacher!

Jacobeth Thobakgale spent the last day as the principal in tears, and she was ready to let go, but the following day, when the sin cake up, it opened a new door in her head.

In last night’s episode, Lizzy was pleasantly surprised when she woke up to find that her mother was not in years and drowning in her sorrows anymore.

Jacobeth woke up and faced the day like a real Mbokodo after she was thrown out of Turfloop High like a dog.
She decided to look for a job as a teacher.

Granted, the day didn’t work out as she planned because her first attempt to look for a job at a new school didn’t succeed, but she didn’t give up.

Today Principal Thobakgale’s name will again be associated with Turfloop High because she did not give up.

The news will hit Turfloop High staff members like lightning because they thought they had heard the last of Jacobeth.

Principal Thobakgale is being hailed as an imbokodo of note because she supports another woman to take over as the school’s principal instead of Mr Manaka.

Manaka blows a gasket when Alfred gets in his way.
Manaka blows a gasket when Alfred gets in his way. Image: Twitter/Skeem Saam

Jacobeth is not afraid to take a stance for what she believes, even if it means disappointing a friend. Many teachers believe Mr Manaka is not fit to handle the principal’s chair, especially at this point in Turf high. Jacobeth wasn’t afraid to let Manaka know this fact, which made Skeem Saam fans happy.

According to the teasers, Jacobeth Thobakgale is starting a new journey at Turfloop high as the new teacher.

Last night Magongwa was dumbfounded when Evelyn dropped by his house to announce her decision to apply for the Principal role at Turf High.
Alfred has been working his magic to get rid of his possible competition.

Skeem Saam has been giving fans the Imbokodo treatment this month as it is women’s month. The Thobakgale story plays to this concept very well. Women are in full support of one another.

Last night Meikie gave Thobakgale firm support and advised her to get up, dress up and show up. As you can remember, Jacobeth wasn’t supportive of Meikie a few months ago when she asked to do her community service at Turf High.

The other part is the strength Eunice shows after returning from rehab, even when she is facing hardships ahead, but this story is one to be told by itself.

Watch Skeem Saam see the shock of Turf High teachers when Thobakgale’s name is announced as the new teacher:

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